Hi, my name is Michi Hatzenbichler.

I am a visual storyteller with a multidisciplinary approach.

I founded Visual Pony Media Studio because I have a deep passion for communication. Since 2016 I produce videos and animations for museums, universities and brands. Before that I worked in creative agencies in Vienna and London.

With a background in comparative literature and lots of experience in cultural marketing I am not your typical video producer.

My projects are collaborations with truly wonderful people who are DoPs, graphic designers, animators, actresses & actors, sound producers and social media strategists. Together we find the best way to communicate through moving images.


Visual Communication Strategy
Content Marketing Videos
Social Media Videos
Image films
Film Festival Trailers
2D Animations
Explainer Videos
Motion Design


There is one essential condition to an excellent video: a well thought-out concept. Telling a story with a fun and new spin to it while informing your audience is the very first step on your journey to communicating with a video.


Motion Design is about making graphic design move through animation. With Motion Graphics you can translate your logo into moving images, animate your infographics or make your brand come to life by sharing a story with a fully animated video.


The services of your business and your ideas are best told through moving images. With a captivating video you can double your communication efforts, add movement to your marketing strategy and make people have more fun on your website.