Michaela Hatzenbichler Belvedere


Mixed Media Videos

Client: Belvedere

The Belvedere in Vienna comissioned two literature videos for its exhibition “Viva Venezia! Die Erfindung Venedigs im 19. Jahrhundert”, curated by Franz Smola.

Like many myths, the vision of the lagoon city had to be invented first – turns out literature had a big role in this! To bring these wonderful poems to life we chose a mixed media style, with which we could capture the theme of writing and literature as well as a dreamy image of the city. These videos were projected onto the wall to function as a kind of moving art work.



Animation and edit by Michaela Hatzenbichler
Voice-Over: Susanne Gschwendtner
Recording: Alexander Wieser – Sonobelle

Images of Venice: Fisch lernt fliegen (AT, DE 2019), Produktion: Saskia Weber & Deniz Cooper