Red Bull

Creative Lead Editor

Client: Red Bull Media House & Media Apparat

The series “Slowings” was produced by the Red Bull Media House and Media Apparat. The main objective was to make a modern and creative TV series out of already existing material from the vast Red Bull archives. The aim was to create something new with said material through creative editing and the use of artistic special effects.

The style of these techniques play with our perception of reality in a charming and subtle way, which is a characteristic element of the series. Each of the 12 episodes is 25 minutes long and edited in the style of a music video. “Slowings” is produced without words in order to be sellable to TV stations all over the world.


Executive Producer – Heidi Iro
Line Producer – Ernst Koth
Producer – Daniel Kriesl (Red Bull) und Jodok Böhm (Media Apparat)

Creative Lead Editor –  Michi Hatzenbichler
Editor – Roman Soboszek

Visual VX – David Razzi, Philipp Magyar
Colour Grading – Mike Kren
Sound Design – Martin Reiher